About Glass Deco

Since being founded by Joos van Bussel 1978, Glass Deco has undertaken many exotic journeys with clients from all over the world. In pursuit of the ideal balance between form and function, we have helped build splendid interiors, entrances, furnishings, wall decorations, swimming pools and much more besides. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.  Throughout its history, Glass Deco has led the way and incorporated new trends, developments and techniques in the glass industry. We have also been the driving force behind many innovations and revolutionary developments. Glass Deco: a true quality brand!


Leaders in Glass

Frans van Hapert

Frans van Hapert

Chief executive officer

Frans van Hapert graduated in architecture from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and has since had a high-profile international career as an innovative entrepreneur in a range of products. In 1984, Frans established the World Design Centre foundation. He provided the inspiration for a new concept involving the promotion of high-end design products, and various design centres around the world benefit from this concept today. Frans subsequently became the exclusive agent and importer of high-end design furniture brands such as Molteni&C., Minotti and VeArt-Artemide. He sold the company in 1997. In the mid-90s, Frans purchased all the shares in Picus, a small wooden box producer in the Netherlands. In less than a decade the company grew from alocal manufacturer to the world’s largest wooden box maker, employing some 600 people in production facilities in places ranging from the Netherlands (Picus Nederland BV) to the Dominican Republic (Picus Dominican, Inc.), the Philippines (Picus Philippines, Inc.),...

North America (Picus USA, Inc.) and Nicaragua (Picus Centroamerica, Inc.). In addition to being owner, CEO, president and chairman of Picus, Frans also dealt directly with large clients such as Sara Lee, American Tobacco, Oettinger (Davidoff), Disney and Nestle. While developing the company, Frans lived for two years in Miami and three years in Managua, Nicaragua. The company was sold in 2005. In the same year, Frans took a major stake in Glass Deco. The business model was changed and Glass Deco became active worldwide in the market for high-end projects made of decorative glass. In addition to investor and shareholder, Frans also became a member of the board. He left Glass Deco in 2010 to set up a new company together with Joos van Bussel. This company, Aviation Glass & Technology, was a spin-off based on Glass Deco’s activities and involved the development of low weight and unbreakable mirror glass for the aviation industry. Frans initially acted as CEO, and during his tenure brought leading clients aboard such as Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier and Gulfstream. At the end of 2014, he sold his substantial interest in Aviation Glass & Technology. Besides C.E.O. at Glass Deco Corporation bv he is also in charge of sales and marketing, fields in which his knowledge of international markets is of great value. At the start of 2015 Glass Deco moved to a new factory and offices in Nuenen, the Netherlands. In addition to engineering and producing glass projects, the company continues to invest heavily in new technologies and techniques, aiming to reclaim the leadership position which it deserves.

Joos van Bussel

Joos van Bussel

Founder & creative director

Joos van Bussel is the founder of Glass Deco. His passion for the art emerged during his studies in aircraft engineering, when Joos started spending his free time engraving mirrors for the hospitality industry. He soon began experimenting with new and more advanced methods to process glass, such as deep etching (tempered or otherwise), tinting, cutting, creating stained glass appliqués, chiselling and the like. Many current glass techniques were invented by Joos van Bussel, and are still generally referred to as the Glass Deco style. The first real commercial applications were found in the manufacture of room dividers for Chinese restaurants, particularly for the Dutch market. Next came glass doors of a type that was considered impossible to produce in glass at the time. Customers were queuing up to buy a Glass Deco door. Glass Deco became the first company in the world to invest in a water jet machine,...

which made it possible to cut glass in all kinds of forms. This investment quickly paid off and resulted in a great deal of interest in Glass Deco products from abroad. The first steps into the export market began in the late 80s. Lots of large orders came in from Dubai, for instance, even though it was not much more than a desert village at the time. To promote international expansion, Glass Deco opened private showrooms in places such as Beverly Hills, Dubai, Antwerp, Knokke, and Cologne. The company also moved into a new building in Helmond, famous for its unique modern architecture. At this time, Glass Deco employed more than 30 people under the inspired and inspiring leadership of Joos van Bussel. Today Glass Deco is one of the leading suppliers of exceptional glass products. Many former employees of Glass Deco have become independent and attempt to imitate the Glass Deco style. But the knowhow within Glass Deco and the expertise of people such as Joos van Bussel enable us to continue implementing trailblazing innovations and maintain an edge over the competition. At the same time, leading architects and designers remain a source of inspiration which leads to new innovations. Joos is still active as creative director, and continues to lead a young team of talented employees. This way he ensures every day that unique glass working craftsmanship will stay alive at Glass Deco for many years to come.