Press release

Press Release


Date: September 21nd. 2015
Glass Deco Develops first PYC-compliant glass for the superyacht industry To respond to the increasingly stringent rules regarding fire safety and fuel economy (i.e. weight savings) within the superyacht industry, Glass Deco recently developed a new patented lamination method which meets the new fire requirements as laid down in the Passengers Yacht Code (PYC) & IMO res. MSC.307 (88) – (2010 FTP Code) Annex 1 Part 5. In addition, we deploy various techniques to save weight by making use of ultrathin glass. For instance, Glass Deco can now carry out thermal tempering on two and three millimeter thick glass –something that was previously only possible on glass with a thickness of four millimeters and over-. This allows direct weight savings of 50% without compromising on strength or appearance. The popularity of glass in design has risen over the years, and so, therefore, has the need for more advanced techniques that compensate for the increased weight. Glass Deco has invented lightweight and even unbreakable glass which is suitable for the superyacht industry. “Glass Deco has always excelled in realizing various projects involving glass. Experience and skills built up over decades are today used to produce high-end glass objects and sculptures which often form the centerpiece of a larger project,” says Frans van Hapert C.E.O. of Glass Deco Corporation BV. “I am happy that Glass Deco is capable to deliver this new lamination method starting from today after years of developing and investing in this new high tech production technique. With this new invention, we prove to be still trend-setting in the world of decorated glass.


Glass Deco is a European company that leverages on its wealth of experience to make wonderful glass products for use in superyachts, hotels and private residences. Tradition, authenticity, luxury and craftsmanship are very much part of the company’s DNA. Glass Deco is privileged to employ some of the world’s finest artisans, which allows the company to build upon a series of true excellence. Glass Deco has been active in the design, manufacturing and fitting of luxury glass objects since 1978. In recent years, the firm has invested and developed unique innovations for the superyacht industry as well as in the aviation industry. Manufacturing takes place in our new (opened January 2015) state-of-the-art facility in Nuenen, The Netherlands. Glass Deco has traditionally cooperated with designers and architects, and we are used to working in close cooperation with completion centers or building companies all over the world. Dedicated project managers are responsible for the daily communications required to ensure that these orders are completed in the most expedient way possible. Glass Deco has capacity to take care of every aspect of delivering and installing customized projects within budget and on time. To serve our clients better and give even a more personal service, we recently opened representative offices in the United Kingdom, Dubai, India and Mauritius.


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